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International Organization of Legal Metrology - OIML

With this widespread confusion, it was accepted that clarity was required and therefore, OIML, the International Organization of Legal Metrology, an intergovernmental treaty organization was established to promote the global harmonization of legal metrology procedures. Since that time, OIML has developed a worldwide technical structure that provides the Countries that have signed up to the Organization with metrological guidelines for the elaboration of national and regional requirements, concerning the manufacture and use of measuring instruments for legal metrology applications.

OIML R49 was legally adopted for metering of cold potable water and represents a blend of BS 5728, ISO 4064, EN 14154 and many other standards from around the world, encompassing regulations for every criterion of water metering.  This standard represents all stipulations and regulations pertinent to cold potable water metering from the Regulatory body and thus, supersedes all other standards.

Currently, there are 57 member states and 58 corresponding members across the World, all adopting the metering requirement stipulated within the OIML R49 test requirements.

Nonetheless, several member countries, such as Brazil initially required authentication of the OIML R49 certification, and these were usually carried out at their approval body i.e. INMETRO. However, being such a considerable user of meters INMETRO has now decreed that OIML R49 shall be the only applicable standard.

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